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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

12.00 Registration and lunch 
13.30Opening of the conferenceModerator: Anne Stenbom
 Welcome addressM. Wirsch, Chair of the DGUV Governing Committee, Germany
 Conference keynote: The end of work as we know it... new work & new society PDFMichael Beilfuss, IDG Media, Germany


Session 1: Smart and new technologies and workers' safety

 Session keynote: The influence of cybersecurity on the safety of machinery PDFG. Steiger, VDMA/DIN/NAM, Germany
 Personal data protection and cybersecurity issues with regard to the design and use of smart PPE  PDFD. Podgórski/G. Owczarek, CIOP-PIB, Poland
 Innovating the work system on construction sitesS. Boy, ETUI, Belgium
15.30Coffee break 
16.00Milk-run trains - an idea of the past with a future PDFM. Gaub, BGHW, Germany
 Self-healing polymers - an innovative solution extending the service life of protective gloves PDFA. Adamus-Włodarczyk/ A. Bacciarelli-Ulacha, CIOP-PIB, Poland
 Light has non-visual effects - also at the workplace
Light dosimeter - recording an individual's light history PDF
A. Dammann, KAN, Germany
R. Häfliger, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
17.10 Networking activity 
18.30 Cocktail dinner 


Thursday, 13 June 2019

7.00Morning walk (optional; meeting point: lobby of the DGUV Academy hotel)


Session 2: Standardization, testing and certification – keeping pace with change

 Session keynote: Digitalization of standardization - already started PDFJ. Stein, DKE, Germany
 The influence of artificial intelligence on standardization and OSHA. Steimers, IFA, Germany
 Standardization roadmap "The future of work" PDFP. Albrecht, DIN
 EU standardization system PDFP. Papard, UK
11.00Active break + coffee 
11.30Session keynote: Certification: from a global to a customized approach PDFP. Cáceres Armendáriz, INSST, Spain
 Certification of competences - a good chance for safety and health in a changing world of work PDFR. Reitz, IAG, Germany
 COVR Building consensus for using protocols to validate collaborative robotics applications across a wide range of domains PDFJ. Saenz, Fraunhofer IFF, Germany
 Industrial robotics on the edge PDFO. Görnemann, SICK AG, Germany
13.00Lunch break 

Parallel technical sessions

 A   Exoskeletons 
 Exoskeletons for working scenariosZ. Yao, Helmut Schmidt University, Germany
 Guideline for the integration of passive exoskeletons in the workplace PDFE. Turpin-Legendre, INRS, France
 Acceptability of new assistive technologies: the case of exoskeletons PDFL. Wioland, INRS, France
 PPE and exoskeletonsB. Wisse, LAEVO, Netherlands
 B   OSH management aspects 
 New fields of standardization PDFA. Janowitz, KAN, Germany
 Standardising the standard for psychosocial risk management PDFI. Williams Jimenez, IOSH, UK
 Workers in a circular economy: possible situation in 2040 PDFM. Malenfer, INRS, France Much more than the Spanish OIRA PDFB. Diego Segura, INSST, Spain
 SIDIN model: creativity and innovation in OSH awareness campaignsA. de Vicente Abad, INSST, Spain
 C   Innovative solutions and work systems 
 Powered quick couplers for excavators PDFH. Leisering, BG BAU, Germany
 Assessment of risks related to employee-cobot interaction PDFC. Mühlemeyer, ASER, Germany
 Rescue of persons from pressure vessels and confined spaces PDFA. Bacchetta, EURSAFE, Italy
W. Sterk, KAN, Germany
 Virtual-relaity tractor driving simulator for safety training PDFI. Abril Muñoz, INSST, Spain
 Safety validation methods of innovative machinery and technologies in Industry 4.0 PDFS. Voss, BAuA, Germany
 Field study for evaluation of sound-masking systems in open-plan offices PDFP. Chevret, INRS/CRAMIF, France
16.00Poster and exhibition walk (including coffee) 
18.30Conference dinner (Elbe boat trip) 


Friday, 14 June 2019

 Summary of technical sessions 

Session 3: Stakeholder views on the future role of standardization, testing and certification

 Working safer with construction machinery - manufacturer meets user  PDFR. Gehring, EFBWW, Belgium / M. Sonnberger, PORR AG, Austria
Stakeholder views on the future role of standardization, testing and certification
EmployeesR. Jaeger, ETUC, Belgium
EmployersM. van Mierlo, VNO-NCW, Netherlands
Regulation / market surveillanceD. Moritz, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Germany
ManufacturerJ. Hühn, Ampri, Germany
Testing and certification PDFÉ. Faé, INERIS, France
11.20Coffee break 
11.50Making the network visible 
12.10Keynote: The hare versus the hedgehog? The impact of standardization on safety and health in the digital workplace PDFJ. Breuer, ISSA
12.40Closing of the conference 
13.45Departure for guided tour through the historic centre of DresdenFor details/registration please contact Brigitta Hempel,