Teaser announcing the next EUROSHNET Conference in 2022


7th EUROSHNET Conference

The EUROSHNET network is working on its 7th European Conference for 2022.  

The topic of the next European conference is “Artificial Intelligence meets Safety and Health at work

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) is deeply impacting companies today.

In order to highlight the impact of AI on occupational safety and health, the European OSH standardization network EUROSHNET will dedicate its 7th European conference to this issue.

Experts will define the concept of AI, specify the different technologies and the different sectors concerned.

The safe use of AI in parallel with human activities raises questions of confidence, control, ethics, legal responsibility and technical reliability. To successfully introduce an AI system, it is also necessary to analyse the potential consequences on the health and safety of workers. These questions have consequences at regulation level and standardisation is a powerful tool to address some of them.

Stay online and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for more information. In 2022, join the conference and hear from experts and social stakeholders how standardisation and notified bodies can play a role in regulating these risks and enhancing these opportunities.