Stakeholder interaction - the key to product safety

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

11:00 hrsRegistration and information 
Opening sessionChair: H. Vainio, FIOH 
13:00 hrs

Opening of the conference
Musical Intermezzo (J. Sibelius)

H. Vainio, FIOH, Finland

13:30 hrs

Welcome address

L. Suomaa, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland

Session 1

Interaction between design and use of work equipment

Chair: H. Vainio, FIOH

13:40 hrs

Stakeholder interaction for safe products - achievements and challenges

W. Eichendorf, DGUV, Germany

14:00 hrs

The New Legislative Framework - obligations of economic operators and benefits for product safety

G. Bitondo, European Commission

14:20 hrs

World Café: Safe and health-friendly products - challenges and interaction needs

Moderator. M. Tuominen-Thuesen, KPMG, Finland

16:00 hrsCoffee break 
Session 2

Product safety at the workplace: the role and needs of stakeholders

Chair: D. Koradecka, CIOP-PIB

16:30 hrsIntroduction and report from World Café 
16:45 hrs

Manufacturers and users: Moderated talk between representatives of manufacturers and users

Moderator: D. Bosworth, HSE, UK
C. Celata, Assocomaplast, Italy
F. Gambelli, UIMM, France
M. Wirsch, BGHW, Germany
A. Sundell, Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, Finland

17:45 hrs

Authorities, standardization, testing & certification: Moderated talk between representatives from a public authority, standardization, and testing & certification

Moderator: M. Koll, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Germany
G. Steiger, CEN Rapporteur Machinery, Germany
V. Delahaye-Guillocheau, Ministry of Labour, France
K.-H. Noetel, BG Bau, Germany

18:05 hrsClosing remarks 1st day 
20:00 hrsGet-together at Espoo Museum of Modern Art 


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

09:00 hrsRegistration and information 
Session 3

Purchasing safe and suitable products

Chair: H.-J. Wolff, DGUV

09:30 hrsIntroduction 
09:40 hrs

Purchsing safe and suitable products - what is important from an OSH viewpoint?

R. Haeflinger, EUROGIP, France

10:00 hrs

Purchasing safe and suitable products - the role of standardization and testing & certification

J. Appt, DGUV, Germany

Session 4

Parallel workshops I

10:20 hrs
  1. Diversity of employees (with interpreters)
    H. Zieschang, DGUV, Germany
  2. CE marking, certification marks, labels: confusion or help?
    R. Reitz, DGUV Test, Germany
  3. Future challenges for PPE standardization
    H. Mäkinen, FIOH, Finland
  4. Standardization as a tool for the implementation of research results
    P. Görner, INRS, France
  5. Developments in standardization
    N. Breutmann, SAB OSH, CEN, Germany
12:20 hrsPlenary session: results of workshops I 
13:00 hrsLunch 
Session 5Parallel workshops II 
14:30 hrs
  1. Users' experience - feedback from the field ( with interpreters)
    P. Trouvet, CARSAT Auvergne, France
  2. Testing and certification and the New Legislative Framework (Focus on PPE)
    P. Cáceres, INSHT, Spain
  3. Stakeholder interaction
    E. Metze, EU-OSHA, Germany
  4. Standards for new technologies and innovative products
    D. Podgórski, CIOP-PIB, Poland
  5. Risk assessment
    P. Paszkiewicz, IFA, Germany
16:30 hrsPlenary session: results of workshops II 
17:15 hrsClosing remarks 2nd day 
19:30 hrsConference Dinner, Hanasaari 


Thursday, 28 June 2012

08:30 hrsRegistration and information 
Session 6, part 1

Safe products for future Europe: towards new ways of stakeholder interaction

Chair: P. Jandrot, INRS

09:00 hrsIntroduction 
09:10 hrs

Safety of products - mission completed?

I. Fraser, European Commission, Belgium

09:30 hrs

Standardization 10 years from now

E.-P. Ziethen, CEN, Germany

09:50 hrs

Testing & certification 10 years from now

K.-H. Noetel, BG Bau, Germany
H. Krüger, BGN, Germany

10:10 hrsDiscussion and summary 
10:20 hrsCoffee break 
Session 6, part 2

Safe products for future Europe: towards new ways of stakeholder interaction

Chair: Horst Riesenberg-Mordeja, DGUV

10:50 hrsIntroduction 
11:00 hrs

Market surveillance 10 years from now

P. Papard, ADCO Machinery

11:20 hrs

Research and development 10 years from now

D. Baptiste, PEROSH, France

11:40 hrsDiscussion and summary 
12:00 hrs

Conference review and orientations for the future

A. Janowitz and H. Vainio
EUROSHNET Steering Committee

12:30 hrs Lunch