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8th European Conference on standardization, testing and certification in the field of occupational safety and health

European policies and legislation are in constant evolution - not least in response to global developments. Experts gathered at the 8th European conference on standardization, testing and certification in the field of occupational safety and health will answer the burning question on what impact these changes have on occupational safety and health, and in particular on their preventive instruments: standardization, testing and certification. They will present the new political and regulatory areas of EU action, especially the EU Green Deal, Circular Economy, Digital Decade, AI Act, Cyber Resilience Act and Machinery Regulation from an OSH perspective and show how recent developments affect the design, performance and safety of new and innovative products, but also management systems and new forms of work. 

Join the conference and hear from experts on how standardization should respond to these fundamental changes and challenges and whether new testing and certification ”instruments” should be developed.

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This conference is for you...

... if you are an OSH expert or representative of

  • European and national public authorities
  • OSH institutions
  • Social partners
  • Manufacturers, importers and users of products
  • Accident insurance institutions
  • Testing and certification bodies
  • Standardization organizations